By Martien Pennings


Caroline Glick in the above featured speech does not bother to elaborate upon the abundantly proven fact that since 1993 (“Oslo”) the “Palestinians” have turned down every more than reasonable offer for having their own state. In fact the leadership of the “Palestinians”, the Palmaffia’s, have been doing that since their rejection of the Peel Plan in 1938. Their terrorism dates from the 1920’s and is now raging almost a hundred years. This terror is embedded in a 1400 year old mass-murdering islamic tradition that the Left in the West does not want to learn about. But as I said: Caroline Glick does not even care to mention these facts, because she knows the Left is immune to  facts. So her speech just takes for granted  that the “Palestinians” are implacably and unappeasably bent on the destruction of Israel.

In this speech she is not explicit about her plan,  which she laid out in her book “The Israeli Solution”: taking full control of Samaria-Judea (“the West-Bank”) an area where the Israeli’s are fully entitled to live, morally and legally .

Oh! And there is another thing Glick does not even speak about: the ingrained antisemitism of the political Left in the West – (for leftish Jews: stockholmsyndromatic selfhate) – and it’s love for the totalitarianism of islam.

Glick’s speech is about the Two State Solution. All the experts and diplomats talk about it as if it has been around eternally since Creation. They even talk in acronym about it. They call it “TSS”. All the experts and diplomats agree that this is The Solution. They even claim that every problem in the islamic world will be solved if only “TSS” comes along. But it is not a Solution for anything, Glick says: it is just a product of tunnel-visioned group-think and it has not been with us since Creation but since Oslo 1993.

The  realistic approach, which is not a magic solution for everything,  but which will stop making things worse, like “TSS” does now, is the following:

1) Recognize that the Arabs and especially the Palestinian Arabs are set upon Israel’s destruction and take steps to prevent that

2) Recognize that Israel is pushed by America and the UN to appease unappeasable terrorists

3) Fight the terrorists untill they realize they have nothing to gain by killing Israeli’s

4) Stop giving terrorists reason to believe they have a chance to win by continuing their terror

5) Stop giving terroriste a free pass, because up till now they never are punished, they never have to give in on any of their demands, they never lose ground in their negotiation positions, they never had to pay a price for their terrorism

The Americans have forced the Israeli’s to follow a policy that made the Palestinians believe that they could continue killing with impunity. The Palestinians, while continuing their terrorism and implacable stance are rewarded with the the biggest financial aid in human history. And this money is just reinforcing the corruption and is used to buy more arms for more terrorism.

Glick says:

My plan is not going to solve every problem.
I call it a stabilization plan.
It’s just a plan to stop destabilizing and making the problem worse by giving the Arab world the illusion that terrorism works and will give them what they want.
We have to stop thinking that we can sign a treaty at some big event on the White House Lawn or in some international convention centre in a European capital or in Israel somewhere and then everything will be fine.
Mankind thus not operate like that.
People don’t think like that, they don’t behave like that.
People are moved by evolutionary changes over time, it takes time.
You have Palestinian society and Arab world at large that has been indoctrinated for generations to seek Israel’s destruction.
It is not going to change because some dictator in this country or that country signs a piece of paper with a Jew.
It’s only gonna change when they don’t have any reason to believe that by fighting the Jews they are going to be victorious or that they will be able to increase their fortunes by supporting terrorism or by anything else for that matter.
This is the sort of thing that Israel should do, this is the sort of thing the United States should do.
And  that involves a complete change of American policy and Israeli policy.
It involves going back to the pre-1993-understanding of the Middle East conflict: it is not about land for peace, it is not about Israel’s size: it is about Israel’s existence.
And untille te Arab world truly accepts Israel – that means teaching their children to accept Israel, that means teaching their military forces that they should not be training for war against Israel, that means to stop having mosque preachers calling for the elimination of the Jewish vermin.
Untill that happens the conflict will continue.
The most that we can do is taking away the impetus we may be giving to the Arabs to believe that they actually stand to gain from advancing the cause of Israel’s destruction.

(Try to Google  “Asia Times Spengler Palestine problem hopeless but not serious”. Links don’t seem to work for some reason, but it’s a very apt piece in the spirit of Glick.)