I love this feeling
To know I’m not dreaming.
Tonight we’re together, you know
It’s a must; it’s a must
It will be a blast.

Eurovision is cool
When you come from Mosul
Where is the airport?
It’s there.
Where are you flying?

Boomzi boom boomzi bam
Hello Europe, we come,
We’ve been waiting for a thousand years.
We are coming to you,
Berlin, London, Paris,
And Estonia, wherever it is.

Boomzi boom, boomzi bam
Say hello to Islam.
Come on, let the party begin.
Wave with our flag
Unless you’re a fag
Then we have a cage for you.
Step in!

There is love in the air
Like in the Hyper Cacher.
We will paint the rainbow in red
And we’ll rock you ‘til you lose your head.

Boomzi boom, boomzi bam
Hello, Europe, we come
And you’ll give us your 12 points please.
If we don’t get the “douze”
And to Malta we lose,
We give this stage to Azziz.
Boomzi boom!