Onder de titel “Anthropology and Anti-Semitism” is een stuk verschenen op “The Daily Caller” en op “Campus Watch” dat opnieuw maar één conclusie toelaat: de “culturele” ziekte van de Jodenhaat is een echte ziekte waarvoor de anti-biotica nog gevonden moet worden.

Salzmann Philip CarlPhilip Carl Salzman schrijft:

One of the core principles of modern anthropology is cultural relativism, the idea that researchers must not make value judgements about the societies they study. Anthropologists think of themselves as setting aside their biases and preferences in order to see a society and culture “from the native’s point of view.” Whether studying the raiding activity of Bedouin tribal nomads, witchcraft by African villagers, or head-hunting by grieving Philippine tribesmen, anthropologists embrace the sentiment that “nothing human is alien to me.”

Except when it comes to Jews. Once again, Jews and the Jewish state have been uniquely selected for official opprobrium by the American Anthropological Association (AAA). A motion to boycott Israeli academic institutions, an initiative reminiscent of anti-Jewish boycotts of the 1930s, was presented this spring to the membership . . . . . . . . .

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