The terrorist has been laying motionless on the ground for minutes as Elor Azaria shoulders his gun and shoots him in the head fom a distance of about seven meters


(By Martien Pennings)

I wrote about the Azaria-case before: in Dutch.

I reacted early and then hoped of course my “international ideological allies” would feel the same and come to the same conclusion.

But Caroline Glick disappointed me fundamentally. She normally is one of my . . . . eh . . . . moral anchor-persons. Like David Horowitz is. But where Horowitz rightly says Elor Azaria should be punished with some leniency, but punished nonetheless, because Israel must not lower its moral standards to the level of the islamic enemy, Caroline Glick agrees with the alleged 70 % of the “Israeli public” that says this murderer should be acquitted.

The strange thing is that Caroline Glick is the Director of the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Israel Security Project.” In that capacity Horowitz allows her to publish her piece on Front Page Magazine, the on-line journal of the Freedom Center.

Of course there is freedom of speech and the need for a diversity of opinions and the beauty of tolerance and all that: but here is fundamental and clear-cut moral case in which there is, as far as I’m concerned, no room for manoeuvring. At least not the large room Glick claims for herself and that Horowits apparantly is giving her.

I am not going to analyse Glick’s long drawn-out apologetics in detail, because it’s not worthwhile. Not worthwhile? Yes.

It’s painful to see how Glick –  who is normally capable of forceful reasoning, morally an practically –  is now taking refuge in . . . . . well, not even sophisms . . . . . but in plain crap.

The NGO that indicted Azaria, B’Tselem, may have been in the past as prone to smearing the IDF and to High Treason as Glick claims, and “the Israeli public” may be as weary & aware of this Repeated High Treason as Glick claims, the messenger does not alter the plain facts that remain the same:

Many minutes after this terrorist was shot and had been laying motionless in the street, Azaria shouldered his rifle and shot this man in the head.

That is not soldier-like.
That is not manslaughter.
That is murder.

The most hypocritical and idiotic defense by Glick of Azaria is contained in these words:

“Azaria, a combat medic from the Kfir Brigade, arrived at the scene of an attack where two terrorists had just stabbed his comrades. One of the terrorists was killed, the other was wounded and lying on the ground, his knife less than a meter away from him.”

Azaria shouldered his rifle after he knew none of his comrades was seriously hurt and while there were many Israeli soldiers standing around. Not the least chance that this very still lying man could have grabbed that knife and could have stabbed anyone without being shot.

Sergeant Azaria took revenge for a hundred years of “Palestinian” terrorism against Jews and for the stabbing of his comrades. And that should count as mitigating circumstances, but not as a ground for acquittal. Which is exactly David Horowitz’s line of reasoning. David Horowitz on whose website Caroline Glick many times published her excellent essays and also this shameful piece of irrational hypocrisy.