Het saboteren en de pogingen om op grond van niks Trump impeached te krijgen zullen verminderen, zegt David Horowitz, naar mate Trump de kans krijgt zijn Big Agenda te volvoeren. Want dan raken de Democrats out of bussines omdat die partij leeft van de ellende die ze zelf aanricht. Horowitz zegt over Trump wat ik altijd over Wilders heb gezegd: hij is het tegenovergestelde van wat regressief-links van hem maakt.

Hier is het voornaamste gedeelte van wat Horowitz in bovenstaand interview zegt:

“[De Democrats zullen wegkwijnen] as time goes on and Trump gets to actually do what he is gonna do. One of the big things he is gonna do, is a New Deal for Black America. In “Big Agenda” I have a chapter called “The Killing Fields of the Democratic Party” and that’s their strangle-hold on the inner cities of America. The Democratic Party is a racist party. Every Killing Field in America  – Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Saint Louis, Ferguson – is one hundred percent controlled by the Democratic Party and has been for a fifty to a hundred years. Everything that’s wrong with the inner cities of America, every oppression, every injustice that policy can effect, Democrats are one hundred percent responsible for and Trump has been in public too polite to mention that. You watch as Trump proceeds: he is gonna make a New Deal for Black America and it’s going to blow up the political base of the Democratic Party.

Trump has been attacked absurdly, ludicrously as a proto-Hitler, a white nationalist, a racist, Trump is the opposite of all that. Trump is more liberal in the good sense – inclusive, tolerant – than any comparable Republican. And as time goes on people are gonna see that. He does not have a mean spirited bone racially in his body. You could see that from his appointments, you could see that from what he said during the campaign. It was easy to write this book Big Agenda on what he was gonna do. During the campaign he made all these promises. And if you look at Trump you see that he throughout his life, whatever he has achieved he has put his name on – the hotels, the resorts, the airplanes – so I knew from the beginning of the campaign, this is a guy who, when he says I’m gonna build a wall and let Mexico pay for it: he is gonna do it. Because he cares about his reputation.”