In schitterend Engels geschreven stuk op “Gates of Vienna” van iemand  met het peseudoniem Bishop Latimer. Die nick zal gekozen zijn vanwege de zeer plotselinge bekering van de echte Hugh Latimer (1491 – 1555), want deze moderne “Bisschop Latimer” vertelt dat hij (zij?) relatief laat, pas rond 2010, het licht zag inzake de islam. Als die Gothen, want dat zijn Zweden, wakker worden, kan het flink gaan spoken, aldus deze schrijver. Op het einde maakt de bisschop een vergelijking en schetst een bepaald niet kinderachtig mogelijk toekomstbeeld. Enfin, ik heb zelf ook altijd beweerd dat waar islam daar oorlog en dat het onvermijdelijke zich beter vroeger dan later kan voltrekken. Ik citeer de slotalinea’s, maar lees vooral ook wat er boven staat. Ene aesthetische ende ethische genieting:

To me, the current situation in Sweden is akin to observing capital markets in action. Once a market has gone too far in one direction, the trend has to reverse as the current trajectory is unsustainable. The question is always when. I have discovered over the years (to my cost) that just because an outcome is highly likely, or even inevitable, it does not mean it is imminent. The market moves when it is good and ready, and not before. When I read articles/comments about Sweden by people who don’t live here, and have perhaps never even visited, I get the feeling that the country is a lost cause, headed for dhimmitude. I understand why someone might reach that conclusion, but I can assure you it is erroneous. Yes, there will be more attacks, more victims of Islamic terror, more rapes, more rocks hurled at the police in occupied neighbourhoods and more bouts of PC insanity. But each transgression will only serve to energise the counter-trend that is still in its infancy.

To continue the market analogy, I am convinced the hysteria that gripped Sweden has bottomed.

Someone on this site noted dolefully that in some dark future the organ in Stockholm’s Hedvig Eleanora church would be silenced, its broken pipes strewn across Östermalm. I would advise that person to read (or re-read) “The wrath of the awakened Saxon” by Rudyard Kipling. Strictly speaking the Swedes are Goths not Saxons, but they are an equally capable people and share a similar temperament. That is why it is far more likely that it is the bodies of dead Muslims that are strewn across the length and breadth of the land, while the music of Bach is still heard in the nation’s cathedrals.