Ik publiceer deze tekst vooral (!) om aandacht te vragen voor een nieuw boek: Itamar Marcus en Nan Jacques Zilberdik, “Deception: Betraying the Peace Process”, dat de jaren 2010 en 2011 van de hernieuwde “vredesonderhandelingen” in kaart brengt.

Kijk vóór alles absoluut naar Itamar Marcus bij Glenn Beck !!

Ik heb het boek nog niet in handen kunnen krijgen, maar hier leer je dat dit boek alléén maar bestaat uit citaten die de haat, het liegen en de laster weergeven die dagelijks door de “Palestijnse” media golven. Er is niets veranderd: het liegen van de “Palestijnse” maffia is nog net zo brutaal onder Abbas als onder Arafat, net als de opvoeding tot Jodenhaat van de “Palestijnse” kinderen en de onwil om zelfs maar het bestaan van Israël te erkennen. Intussen raaskalt Obama dat Israël “gedurfde stappen” moet nemen (zichzelf opheffen?) en brult zijn CIA-directeur Leon Panetta tegen Israël “Get to the negotiation table!” Maar de “Palestijnse” maffiosi zijn de enigen die niet willen onderhandelen en tot geen compromis bereid zijn.

Hier de video van een uur onder de titel “Relentless: the Struggle for Peace in the Middle East”, welke het saboteren van het “vredesproces” door Arafat na Oslo 1993 tot 2003 in beeld brengt. Hieronder volgt de uitgeschreven tekst bij die video. Voor sommigen is het misschien handig, teneinde de gesproken tekst beter te kunnen verstaan/begrijpen,om de uitgeprinte versie er bij te hebben. Elke vijf minuten van de video worden in de tekst aangegeven.

Tekst “Relentless” (print uit en hou hem eventueel bij het kijken erbij)

“Peace doesn’t lie in charters and covenants alone.

It lies in the hearts and minds of the people.”

John. F. Kennedy

Bovenstaande tekst verschijnt in beeld bij het begin van de film “Relentless: The Struggle for Peace in the Middle East”, uitgebracht door “Honest Reporting”.  HonestReporting: monitoring mideast media anti-Israel bias.  Wayne Kopping en Brian K. Spector tekenen voor de inhoud en zeggen dat de film is “gebaseerd op een voordracht van Raphaël Shore”.

Today there is deep pain in the Middle East.

On both sides.

The world watches as Palestinians suffer the humiliation and frustration of curfews and check-points.

A constant military presence in their cities.

By their actions and their nervous behavior – here for example arresting a (speak?) trader –  they merely further inflame the Palestinian hate.

Israel says it is forced to impose these measures to prevent further acts of Palestinian terror.

And so the Palestinians escalate their attacks to avenge Israeli militancy and bring an end to what they consider the Israeli oppression.

How did we get here?

After World War II, the United Nations declared that the time had come for the Jews to officially return to the land of Israel and rebuild their ancient homeland.

The United nations decision was rejected by the Arab world.

The very day the state was declared, Israel was attacked by five Arab countries.

The source of the conflict is clear.

Two peoples fighting for the same small piece of land.

The Arab world sees the Israelis as colonists, usurpers, [the Arab world is of the opinion] that with the creation of the state of Israel the Jews were stealing Arab lands.

(Salman el Herfi, Palestinian ambassador to South Africa):

“We are talking about the land and the owner of the land. Nobody can deny the fact that the Palestinians are the owner of Palestine.”

(Joseph Farah, CEO and editor in chief

“One of the claims the Palestinians make is as if [they are] the equivalent of an indigenous people like the North American Indians, that they have always been here and that they have been unjustly uprooted from their homes. You know, if there really is an equivalent to an indigenous people, it would be the Israeli, who have always existed on that land. The Jews have always been there throughout history. There has always been a presence.”

(Tashbih Sayyed, editor in chief “Pakistan Today”, says ):

“Who were the people who were here in the Solomon’s time? Who were here in the Saul’s time?  Who were here in 1800? I see a Jewish connection all throughout these ages. “

(Salman el Herfi):

“You know, you have to differentiate between Jews and the colonial Zionist movement. We have not any  conflict with the  Jews . Nothing to do with Judaism. The problem is with colonial movement, with Zionist movement, to come to colonize. “

But the Jews deny that they are colonists.

They cite a divine promise and uninterrupted presence in the land of Israel for over 3300 years. This historical right was confirmed in 1922, when the League of Nations formalized the British Mandate to reconstitute the Jewish National Home in that country.

Two peoples, one land: a festering conflict.

The question is: what steps has each side taken towards resolving the conflict, towards peace?

In 1947 the United Nations proposed a Resolution, a compromise to partition the land into separate Arab and Jewish States.

Two states for two peoples.

(Engelse radiostem, originele opname uit 1947):

“Palestine, where news of the United Nations decision to recommend partition brings wild jubilations among the Jewish communities in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. A vivid contrast to the bitterness felt by the Arab peoples as the troubles of the Holy Land enter a new phase, perhaps the gravest yet. “

5 minuten

Israel accepted the plan.

The Arabs rejected it.

And immediately instigated bloody battles to destroy the embryonic Jewish State.

The Arab attacks did not succeed.

Due to their rejection of the two states where two people compromise, the Arabs living in the West Bank and Gaza, found themselves without any state at all, forced to live under Jordanian and Egyptian rule from 1948.

Then, in 1967, the Arabs mobilized again for war.

In six days, Israel emerged victorious and won the battles over the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem.

The Palestinians now found themselves under Israeli rule.

Between the wars the Israeli’s were hit with a steady stream of terror attacks.

(Engelse radiostem, originele opname uit 1948):

“Once again terror comes to Jerusalem with the blowing up of an entire shopping center in Ben Yahuda Street, burying scores of victims under tons of rubble.

Here, in the heart of the city, a devastating blast, of which Arab quarters later claimed responsibility.”

And the terror continues, to this day.

(Tekst van een Hamas-zelfmoordterrorist, spreekt in het Arabisch, ondertiteld in het Engels):

“I’m making myself a living bomb. I will explode myself in the heart of the Zionists.”

To defend against terror the Israeli’s clamp down on the Palestinians.

And in retaliation, the Palestinians lash out with more acts of terror.

And so all the Israeli’s clamp down again.

In 1993 a plan was devised to end the bloodshed and bring peace to both peoples.

It was a dream that began in “Oslo”.

Israel’s Prime Minister Yitchak Rabin, US-president Bill Clinton and PLO-chairman Yasser Arafat later came together to sign a revolutionary agreement.

Untill “Oslo” it was illegal for an Israeli to negotiate with the PLO, a self-proclaimed terror-organization, responsible for the murder of Jews and Israeli’s worldwide.

(Nieuwslezers-stem in september 1993):

“The PLO-chairman Yasser Arafat, denounced for decades as a terrorist, was welcomed at the White House.”

“Oslo” would lay the vital groundwork for each side to achieve what they wanted most, namely a land that the Palestinians could finally call their own and an end  the terror-attacks, so that the Israeli’s could live in peace and security.”

(Bill Clinton in september 1993):)

“Finally the time is approaching when there will be safety in Israel’s house , when the Palestinian people will ride their own destiny.”

This was the land-for-peace-deal, the first real step towards fulfilling the Palestinian demands for in independent Palestinian state on the West-Bank an d Gaza-strip, land that was won by Israel in the Six-Day-War.

The Palestinians wanted Jerusalem as the capital of their new state.

The Palestinians wanted the removal of all existing Jewish homes and settlements that were developed in the West-Bank and Gaza-region.

The Palestinians wanted to see the return to Israel proper of the descendants of the 600.000 refugees that had fled the country in the “48 and “67 wars.

The Palestinians claimed that there were up to 4.000.000 family members now eligible to make their home within the borders of Israel.

Even though every one of these demands represented a potential threat to Israel’s security and survival . . . . . . . . (Zei Yitzchak Rabin , Israels’s Premier, niettemin):

“The time for peace has come. “

Israel was willing to trade land for peace.

Before all the Palestinian demands could be considered, there needed to be a true sense of trust between the two peoples.

And the “Oslo” Accords were designed to achieve just that.

(Arafat op het bordes van het Witte Huis met Clinton achter hem):

Clinton: “People are hoping that this agreement, which we are signing today will usher in an age of peace, co-existence and equal rights.”

Arafat: Mister president, thank you, thank you, thank you.”

10 minuten 30 seconden

(Alle krantenkoppen stonden stijf van de hoop en de goede bedoelingen)

Rabin: “Enough of blood and tears. Enough !”

(Commentaarstem uit de media uit die tijd zelf):

“The time for war was over. This is a time for peace.”

(Shimon Peres, Foreign Affairs Minister):

“It ‘s a revolution.”

The “Oslo”-deal was unique.

Rather than negotiating the major issues, they chose instead to sidestep them, in order to first create an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding.

“Oslo” was there for not a final peace-deal, but the start of a peace-process and a call for a five-year period in which both sides would take concrete steps that would improve relations and increase       good will between the two peoples.

At the end of this five-year-period, they would return to the negotiating table to deal with the Palestinian demands.

Only this time not as enemies, but as partners with a common goal.

Here is what Israel committed to at “Oslo”:

Israel agreed to recognize the PLO, who would no longer operate as a terror-organization, but rather as a legal governing body, now to be named the P.A., the Palestinian Authority.

Israel agreed to transfer land over to P.A.-control, the exact amount to be determined in a series of interim deals.

Israel committed to educate its public towards peace and to prepare the population for the difficult compromises that would need to be made in order to allow for the establishment of a Palestinian entity right next door.

Israel agreed to the creation of a P.A. police force of up to 10.000 members, on the provision that there be no terrorists on staff.

And finally, Israel agreed to supply the P.A. with arms and weapons in order to help them police their own people and to destroy terror.

And these were the Palestinian commitments at “Oslo”:

The Palestinians agreed to end all PLO-terrorist activities.

They agreed to recognize Israel’s right to exist, which meant they would have to amend the PLO National Charter, which calls for the destruction  of all of Israel through violence.

The P.A. committed to destroy all terror groups and to confiscate illegal weapons.

The Palestinians committed to preserve and protect all Jewish Holy Sites that would fall to P.A. control in the transfers of land.

The P.A. agreed that all future problems with Israel would be solved by negotiation only and never again to revert to terror.

And finally, the P.A. undertook to educate their people for peace.

This included an end to public incitement towards violence and hatred.

The world was so optimistic about “Oslo” that the leaders [Arafat en Peres] shared the Nobel peace-prize in 1994.


“I believe it is fitting that a prize has been awarded to Yasser Arafat.”

was dubbed “the peace of the brave”.

Both sides were taking major controversial steps.

For the first time the Palestinians were giving up their long-time dream of destroying all of Israel in favor of a two-states-for-two-peoples option.

And Israel faced the risk of creating a terror-state right in its back-yard if the P.A. did not live up to its commitment to end terror.

By way of an illustration: if the Palestinians controlled the entire West-Bank-region, Israel would be left with a thin waist of only nine miles at its narrowest: this is what the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff termed “indefensible borders” in a 1974 report.

It is also important to consider the diminutive size of Israel in relation to its Arab neighbors, many of which have not accepted Israel’s right to exist and are still officially in a state of war with her.

Here, on a map of the Middle East, Israel is practically indistinguishable and in relation to other regions, Israel is minute.

Yet it was still willing to give up its land for peace.

15 minuten

So, how did each side live up to its end of the land-for-peace agreement?

In accordance with its commitment to transfer land over the five-year period, Israel relinquished to the P.A. 42% of the West Bank and over 90% of the Gaza strip.

This meant that 98% of the Palestinian population was no longer under Israeli control and were now subject to the jurisdiction of Yasser Arafat and the P.A.

(Ranan Gissen, spokesman for Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon):

“By the way: the only country in the world in modern history that was willing to give part of its ancestral homeland —  after it won all the battles and all the campaigns against an aggressor enemy — give them back, or give away part of its ancestral homeland in the hope that will bring about peace. The only one!”

And so Israel complied with its agreement to recognize the P.A., as well as to transfer lands to the Palestinians.

In accordance with its commitment to educate for peace, Israel embarked on a major campaign to win its population over to the ideals of .

(Caroline B. Glick, former “Oslo”-policy advisor, deputy managing editor Jerusalem Post):

“There was a total change in Israeli policy, in fact Israel started anew, saying we are for the PLO, that we want international recognition of the PLO, that we believe the PLO has strengthened the  (?psssss ?) to bring us security . . . . . .”

(Nathan Sharansky, Minister for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs):

“They started real propaganda for peace . Everyone started to speak in Israeli society about a future peace. The children at the schools had lessons about the peace.”

Peace was indoctrinated at all schools at all levels.

A non-governmental organization , ‘The Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace’, conducted  a survey of 360 Israeli textbooks in order to determine how they related to peace and tolerance.

(Itamar Marcus, former director CMIP; director Palestinian Media Watch):

”Israel made this commitment in “Oslo” to educate the peace. The truth is, Israeli schoolbooks even before ‘“Oslo”’ were positive separating between the conflict and the Arabs themselves. Since ‘“Oslo”’ Israel has been very actively talking about, teaching about ‘“Oslo”’ as opening a new dawn of peace.”

Israel was so determined to educate for peace that severe steps were taken to those who refused to cooperate.

(Caroline Glick):

“Being against Olo you were suddenly called anti-peace.”

(Nathan Sharansky):

“At some moment it became almost impossible to criticize the “Oslo” road to peace, because no one wanted to be associated with those who are shooting at the peace.”

Despite of the intense education campaign, not all Israeli’s were convinced. However, Israeli’s were shocked when one of their own turned to terror.

In 1995 a Jewish militant [Yigal Amir] assassinated prime minister Yitzchak Rabin , claiming he was frustrated by the peace process.

That the transfers of land were not bringing peace, only more dead Jews.

However, the overall success of the Israeli educational campaign is reflected in public opinion polls.

Prior to ‘“Oslo”’ only 28% of the Israeli’s supported the creation of a Palestinian state, most were affraid of the security threat, whereas in the years following ‘“Oslo”’ the figures jumped to over 51 %

(Yarif Oppenheim, ‘Peace Now’-secretary general, blijkbaar niet zo lang na ‘“Oslo”’):

“You see that today more and more Israeli’s , even though they are  right wing, put in Likud or something, they understand today that the Palestinians deserve a state.”

And so Israel fulfilled its ‘“Oslo”’ commitment to educate for peace.

Israel also supplied the P.A. security forces with thousands of arms and munitions.

(Nieuwslezer uit de tijd zelf):

“The new Palestinian security forces moved in to take the place of the Israeli’s, but the order didn’t last long. With seemingly everyone with access to a weapon, they fired jubilant volleys into the air.”

Israel was in compliance with its “Oslo”-commitment to supply arms.

But Israel was not perfect in its adherence to the “Oslo”-accords.

At the very time Israel signed the agreements, it was building and expanding Jewish settlements on the West Bank, on lands that the Palestinians were hoping would become a part of the new Palestinian homeland.

Although settlement-building was permissible according to the “Oslo”-accords, Palestinians saw this expansion as contrary to the spirit of the accords and that it could undermine the creation of a future Palestinian state.

20 minuten

(Daniel Pipes, Director Middle East Forum)

“The “Oslo”-accords did not include requirements for Israel regarding the settlements, so there wasn’t much for Israel to do there.

(Yariv Oppenheim):

“Even if Israel didn’t sign anything regarding the settlements, I don’t think it was wise to keep building the settlements, while we are in the peace-process. Because this is again another thing that will ?????? hatred between two sides and stop the peace process moving forward.”

Others criticize Israel because  it delayed in its transfer of lands over to P.A. control.

In fact the final transfer didn’t take place at all.

Israel says that this was because of the rampant terror at the time, in other words: the lack of P.A. compliance.

In the end however, the public record testifies that the other land transfers did in fact take place, along with Israel’s fulfillment of its other major “Oslo” commitments.

And how did the Palestinians do?

The P.A.’s key commitment at “Oslo” was to bring an end to terror.

After the signing of the accords, the killings were expected to stop or at the very least to drastically subside . . . . .

(Beelden van terreuraanslagen. Een jongen zegt in het Hebreeuws):

“I saw a head lying next to arms and leg parts. People screamed for help.”

“We gave 42% of the land. Did we get 40% of peace? Did we get even 20 % of peace? I’m talking about the formula: land for peace. [A special volunteer unit is collecting the organs. Each body part will be buried.] We didn’t get anything in return.

More Israeli’s were killed in the five years following “Oslo” than in the fifteen previous years combined.

Two-hundred-seventy-nine men, women and children were murdered in ninety-two lethal attacks. Deliberate acts of violence carried out against Israeli civilians by Palestinians.

(Ranan Gissen, spokesman for Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon):

“We wanted to believe in peace. Only to be shocked back into reality, to get that wake-up-call, you know, from Yasser Arafat, when the first suicide-homicide bombings and killings started. After “Oslo”.”

Scenes like these were becoming frighteningly commonplace.

[Beelden van de aanslag. Een moeder spreekt. Het verbrande kind op schoot]

“The Molotov-cocktail was thrown into the car. The fire spread into the back where Shalev was sitting. She was set on fire. She was wounded very badly. She was trapped in the baby seat, I couldn’t get her out. Her left-hand fingers were burnt so badly that they fell off.”

(Sherri Mandell,  moeder van een jongetje Koby over haar zoontje):

“Koby was in eighth grade and he was an adventurous boy. Apparently they went hiking. They didn’t tell us of course. And they were met by terrorists who stoned them to death, beat them to death. And left them there.”

The P.A. was in violation of its primary “Oslo” commitment: to end terror

When Israeli civilians are murdered, the P.A. comes out to condemn the attacks.

25 minuten

(PR-man naast Arafat):

“Mr. Arafat said, I want to be very clear. We are against any and every operation targeting civilians, whether they are Israelians or Palestinians. “

The P.A. second commitment was to wipe out all terrorist organizations.

When terrorist groups like Hamas or Islamic Jihad or the PFLP claimed responsibility for their deadly attacks, the P.A. claims innocence.

After all, these groups are apparently violently opposed to the peace-process, as well as to the Palestinian Authority itself. “

(Een Hamas activist. Let op de totale vanzelfsprekendheid waarmee het aanraken van een Jood als een soort doodzonde wordt gebracht):

“Yes because Mr. Arafat put his hand on Rabin’s hand . . . . . .”

But if the P.A. was taking steps to stamp out terror-groups like Hamas, Israeli’s asked themselves why Yasser Arafat was seen on Palestinian television, publicly praising Hamas terrorists.

[Arafat, vertaald]:  ‘In memory of the noble and brave holy martyrs . . . . . .. and before them, and before them . . . .’

YihYeh Ayaash, also known as ‘the engineer’ was the mastermind behind the first suicide bombings, a series of attacks that claimed more than fifty lives.

(Arafat, 7 januari 1996, vertaald):

“Today I ask my brothers to pray for all our martyrs and the last of them, engineer YihYeh Ayaash. Our beloved, the revered sheikh, the beloved, the beloved, the beloved Ahmas Yassin.”

Israeli’s also wondered why Yasser Arafat honored sheikh Ahmas Yassin. Yassin is the spiritual leader if the Hamas terrorist organization.

(John Loftus, former US Justice dept., prosecutor, attorney, author):

“There is no doubt inside US-Intelligence that the Palestinian Authority is involved in terrorism. When Arafat’s headquarters were raided without a shadow of a doubt there were documents found that Arafat was involved with money-laundering, signing purchase orders for suicide bomb vests.”

The records reveal that for years the P.A. has been supplying terror groups with funds, resources and arms to carry out their attacks. The US agreed that the P.A. was behind a shipment of over fifty tons of illegal sophisticated weaponry, found on the Yareen, a ship seized in 2002.”

(Tashbih Sayyed, editor in chief “Pakistan Today”):

“We cannot separate P.A. from the terrorist organizations like Hamas and martyr-brigades and everything else. They are the different heads of one hydra.”

The P.A. neither banned the terrorist organizations, declaring them illegal, nor did they confiscate their weapons.

Instead of stamping out terror groups, the P.A. colludes with them in acts of terror.

An organizations charter defines its philosophy and goals, which is why it was encouraging when the P.A. agreed to amend the PLO charter that calls for the destruction of Israel through violence.

(John Loftus):

“One of the fundamental promises the Palestinians made in the “Oslo” process was that they would remove those lines from the Palestinian charter calling for the death and destruction of the state of Israel. “

(Stem uit het nieuws van 1993):

“Israel wants the PLO charter annulled, cause this says armed struggle is the only way of liberating Palestine. It is Arabs duty to liquidate the Zionist presence.”

In 1998, five years after “Oslo”, the charter still had not been amended.

Only after intense international pressure, culminating in a visit of president Clinton to Gaza, did the P.AS. take its first small step.

(Bill Clinton op bezoek in Gaza in 1998):

“(…) that they [the P.A.] will make it clear, unequivocal, that they are choosing the path of peace and of partnership with Israel.”

Under Clintons influencing presence the P.A.’s governing body the PMC agreed to suggest changes to the charter.

(John Loftus):

“Instead of changing the charter, they put out some wishy-washy memo saying that certain portions of the charter no longer applied. The truth is, that to this day the Palestinian charter remains as it was originally written, containing the very provisions calling for the destruction of the state of Israel.”

(Salman el Herfi, Palestinian ambassador to South Africa) :

“The charter are (sic.) amended , hundred percent. Not come to tell me that once again is not amended. You go to the Palestinian  [?whoopee-tile?]  you will find it. “

At the time of completion of this film the updated charter was not to be found on any official P.A. web-sites.

And until such time, the amendments to the PLO charter are considered as in doubt.

[“in doubt”: is dat niet extreem zwak uitgedrukt?]


30 minuten 12 seconden

At “Oslo” the Palestinians also committed themselves to protect the Jewish Holy Sites  that fell under their jurisdiction in the transfer of land.

Not only did the Palestinians not permit Jewish worshippers to safely visit numerous Holy Sites, but the P.A.-police often turned a blind eye to angry Palestinian mobs who constantly throw stones and fire-bullets at Jews who come to pray in Rachel’s tomb in Betlehem.

The ancient peace-for-Israel-synagogue in Jericho who was destroyed by Palestinian mobs.

As was Joseph’s tomb in Nablus.”

(Nieuws-stem in 2000):

“The flag goes up and Palestinians celebrate their new presence in a shrine which Israel had continued to control as an isolated enclave in the Palestinian town of Nablus. They have left forever, they will never come back says Machmed Hallaloel, the Palestinian governor of Nablus. God willing, he add, they will evacuate all their outposts and all our homeland. Later the initial delight became unbridled Palestinian’s joy . The crowd which effectively took over control from their policemen, set on fire Israeli artefacts left behind. Many people set about tearing the shrine down with pick-axes and iron bar.”

As Tora-scrolls, bibles and other ancient Holy Items burn at the hands of the Palestinians, the P.A. is in violation of yet another “Oslo”-agreement: to protect Jewish Holy Sites.

“At “Oslo” the Palestinians also committed to educate their people towards peace and tolerance.”

(Arafat wordt ondervraagd in 2000 in “Sixty Minutes” van CBS):

“You think that you are going to live to see a peaceful Palestinian state next to Israel?”

“This is what I am hoping, to live together beside the Israeli’s.”

This is what Yasser Arafat tells the world media.

But Palestinians have been hearing a very different message.

These are typical Friday-sermons, broadcast on official Palestinian television.

(baardmannen in reldeldellah’s die haatpreken):

“This is the case with the Jews: have no mercy on the Jews anywhere! In any country. Fight them wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them.””

“Blessings to whomever put a belt of explosives on his body or on his sons and plunged into the midst of the Jews, crying ‘Allahu Akbar, praise to Allah’. There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.

(Itamar Marcus,  director Palestinian Media Watch):

“…….?? religious leaders appear every Friday on Palestinian television giving sermons from various mosques. And their message is uniform.”

(weer baardmannen in reldeldellah’s die haatpreken):

“Jews are Jews. They must be butchered and they must be killed.

(Itamar Marcus weer):

“They are teaching their people that they have the obligation, a religious obligation from Allah, to murder Jews.”

(Weer een haatjurkbaard):

“Blessing upon he who has saved one bullet in order to put it through a Jews head.””

(De moeder van doodgeslagen jongetje Koby nog een keer):

Koby was killed for being a Jew. He was not killed because of land. He was killed only because he is a Jew and because the Arabs are taught to hate Jews.”

(1996, schreeuwende Palestijnse “mob” in een zaal die scandeert terwijl Arafat de maat slaat):

“The soul and the blood we will give for thee, Palestine.”

(Nóg een keer Arafat, ondervraagd in 2000 in “Sixty Minutes” van CBS):

“To live together beside the Israeli’s?”

Arafat: “Yeah, yes, in peaceful agreement.”

Arafat, October 1996, voor een menigte schreeuwend:

“Fight, fight, fight! Jihad, jihad, jihad!”

After the P.A. controlled , or influenced, all Palestinian tv, radio and newspapers.

Theirs were not messages of peace.

(Arafat 1995, brullend voor eigen volk):

“ Yes there will be more dead on the way to Jerusalem! We are all on the way to die as holy martyrs! On the way to Jerusalem, the capital of the Palestinian State! The capital of the Palestinian State and not any other country! The capital of the Palestinian State, its political and religious authority belongs to the Palestinian People! To the Palestinian People!”

(Waarna weer een ander beeld van Arafat in de internationale media, zeer bedeesd):

“I condemn completely these terrorist activities.”

The question was, is the same message that is being presented to the world also presented to their own people

35 minuten

(Arafat 1999, op Palestinian Authority TV):

“We promised peace in return for land. Peac in return for land and not security in return for land.”

There was hardly a Palestinian who was spared the messages of the P.A.’s media policy.

Countless newspaper articles, radio-   and television-programs sing the praises of suicide bombers and honor their families.

Blatant commands to hate and murder Jews are found everywhere.

Pictures of suicide-bomber and terrorists decorate Palestinian homes, streets and schools.  Suicide bombers have become the role-model for Palestinian children, the ultimate hero that every child aspires to be.


Hopes of peace and reconciliation rest with the younger generation.

In P.A. controlled schools however these hopes are systematically crushed.

The same institution that monitored Israeli textbooks also conducted a comprehensive survey of all sixty Palestinian textbooks introduced into the school-system after the “Oslo” Accords.

In none of the Palestinian textbooks is peace with Israel mentioned.

In none of the textbooks is the “Oslo” peace process cited.

In none of the textbooks do they mention the connection that the Jews have had to the land for the past three-and-a-halve thousand years.

In none of the Palestinian text-books and maps does Israel even exist.

On the other hand, the Fedayeeh, or guerilla and the Shahid or suicide martyr are praised as spearheads of the Palestinian struggle.

(Itamar Marcus, director Palestinian Media Watch):

“Here we have an example from a seventh grade schoolbook. This picture of a dead child here, being carried aloft as a heroic shahid is (brabbelbrabbel) which literally glorifies children or individuals who go out and dies,. For example one of the texts within this poem is:  ‘I see my death, yet I hasten my steps toward it.’ “

(10 Augustus 1998, Palestinian TV, een jongetje van een jaar of negen, hysterisch):

“On your life, I foresee my death and I rush towards it.”

(Itamar Marcus):

“And here you see a picture of a child so that – if you might think the child is possibly talking about adults —  no it is not, here you see a dead child being carried aloft as hero.”

(Het jongetje van ongeveer negen):

“On your life, this is a hero’s death. And he who seeks the death of a suicide warrior, this is it.”

(Gaza strip, November 2000, een Palestijns jongetje spreekt leeftijdgenootjes toe.  Blijkbaar over een “martelaar”. Tussen zijn zinnen maakt hij een oergeluid dat je moet horen om het te begrijpen en dat door zijn toehoordertjes beantwoord wordt):

“The sound of stones is the sound of anger. Little hands are carrying stones to challenge aggression. His blood is calling for a holy war.”

The P.A. received funds from the US and the European Union to send tens of thousands of Palestinian children to what was thought to be summer-camps, filled with friends, games and swimming.

In 2000 the New York Times exposed these ‘summer camps’ as nothing short of paramilitary training camps.

(2000, een Spaanse verslaggeefster vraagt aan Arafat):

“I would like you to explain to me why the ‘Fatah’ trains children to use arms and go out to the streets putting their lives in danger?”

Arafat: “Give me proof that what you are saying is true.”

(Arafat in 1995 in een toespraak):

“If anyone is growing weary , let him stay home and send me his children.”

(Arafat, Palestinian Authority TV):

“ I say as I’ve always said. The new generals are our boys.”

(Palestinian TV, January 2002, meisje van ongeveer 12  ‘interviewt’ Arafat):

“Mr. President, what message would you like to send to the Palestinian people in general and, particularly, to the Palestinian children?”

Arafat: “The child who is grasping the stone, facing the tank . . . is it not the greatest message to the world? When that hero becomes a Shadid (= dies as a martyr for Allah) …..”

40 minuten

(Beelden van een P.A. ‘summer-camp’, een instructeur naschreeuwende knapen in gelid):

“In the suicide squad, in the suicide squad … fear not the armored car nor tank.”

Arafat: “we are proud of them.”

The Palestinian Authority is really manipulating children for their own gains.

The Palestinian people are tired of the Palestinian authority making war on the backs of babies, but they are powerless to do anything about it.”

(Palestinian Authority TV, kinderprogramma):

On the P.A.’s television network even the children-shows are laced with incitement.

(Een meisje van een jaar of 8 zingt met een prinsessenkroontje op in een Sesamstraat-achtig kinderprogramma)

“Each and every part of your soil, I have drenched with all my blood.”

(Een jongetje zingt fanatiek):

“When I wander into the entrance of Jerusalem, I’ll turn into a sacrificial warrior in battledress. Thank you.”

(De programma-juf):

“Bravo, bravo, bravo.”

TV-talkshows reflect and reinforce the attitude of the Palestinian mutes.

(Palestinian Authority TV presenteert het programma “Letters of the People”)

“Today we are hosting Wala’ al-Tawil. Wala is in sixth grade and is eleven years old. You described Martyrdom as something beautiful. Do you think it is beautiful? “

“Martyrdom is a very, very beautiful thing. Everyone yearns for martyrdom. What could be better than going to Paradise?”

(Tussendoor gesneden beelden van volwassen suicide bomber, van bloedbad na aanslag en van een kind in kinderprogramma op tv dat roept: “But I march quickly towards my death!”)

“What is better: peace and full rights for the Palestinian people or martyrdom.”

“Martyrdom. I will achieve my rights after becoming a martyr. We won’t stay children forever.”

Najach University Nablus hosted a unique exhibition.

A celebration of the deadly suicide-bombing- attack on families dining in Subaru’s (?) restaurant in Jerusalem. [september 2001]

(De tentoonstelling laat triomfantelijke beelden van de bloedbevlekte ravage in het restaurant zien.)

Kind schreeuwt in menigte Palestijnen die stukken rauw vlees omhoog houden voor hun mond als was het nieuwe haring

“But if I starve, I will eat the flesh of my usurper. Beware, beware of my hunger and rage.”

(John Loftus, former US Justice dept, prosecutor, attorney, author):

“The worst form of child abuse is teaching a child to hate. This is where the Palestinian Authority did not just break the “Oslo” agreement, they shattered it. These are Kindergarten-kids, being taught to be suicide-bombers. “

The P.A. have failed in their commitment to educate their nation towards peace.

The P.A. did not comply with any of the major commitments it signed at “Oslo”

(Salman el Herfi, Palestinian ambassador to South Africa) :

“Both of us could make mistakes, but not intentional mistakes from our side. The Israeli they are intentionally, they are destroying  us systematically.    So don’t blame the Palestinians that they are not implementing “Oslo”. The Palestinians are the occupied people, are not the occupier.”

(John Loftus):

“Oslo” was a promise of peace, it was supposed to be a process in which both sides met — [hij bedoelt: “were supposed to meet”] – their mutual agreements to move the peace process forward. The Israeli’s kept their part pretty much. The Palestinians did not even make a pretense of going along with the “Oslo” Agreements.”

“Oslo” promised land for peace. The Palestinians received land, but the Israeli’s did not get peace.

(Caroline Glick):

“Yasser Arafat  – who was touted as a peacemaker, as a great leader — never changed his stripe. He remained the terrorist that he was in 1993, that he was in 1964 when he formed the  Fatah.”

In light of these failures, one might have expected that the “Oslo” dream would end, and that all negotiations with the Palestinian Authority would cease.

But Israeli’s so desired peace that they elected Yehud Barack as prime minister in the hopes that he could accomplish the impossible.

At Camp Davis and Taba in [July] 2000, Barack offered greater concessions than any previous Israeli leader.”

45 minuten

(Journalisten roepen tegen Clinton, Barack en Arafat):

“How is it going, Mr. President?”


“We pledged each other we would answer no questions, to offer no comments. So I have to set a good example.”

Here’s what Israel offered [Camp David , 2000]: the creation of a Palestinian state, which would include control and ownership of up to ninety-seven percent of the West Bank and one hundred percent of the Gaza strip.

This would mean the removal and dismantling of most of the Jewish settlements in those area’s. These included settlements built during the “Oslo”- years.

Jerusalem would become the shared capital of the new Palestinian state.

The P.A. would control all of Arab East Jerusalem, which included seventy-five percent of the old city and the entire Temple Mount.

Israel also offered the return of an undisclosed amount of Palestinian refugees into Israel proper. And financial compensation for those not included in the return.

As the leaders stood on the verge of a breakthrough, the world realized that Barack was acquiescing to all of the original Palestinian demands.

This despite the fact that the P.A. had not lived to any of its trust-building Oslo-Agreements.

But the laughter didn’t last long . [Het lachen van Clinton, Barack en Arafat in Camp David.]

Arafat rejected the offer flat-out and left the negotiations without so much as a single counter-offer. The P.A then launched the Intifada.

The Palestinians would have the world believe that the current armed struggle was sparked by Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. [September 2000]

But the P.A. minister of communication tells us otherwise.

(Toespraak Emmad al Faluji, P.A. minister of communication):

“Whoever thinks this Intifada started as a result of the despicable visit of Sharon to El Aksa Mosque, is in error. This Intifada was already planned ever since the President’s [= Arafat’s] return from the last talks at Camp David, at which Arafat stood up against president Clinton and firmly rejected the American terms [for an agreement] in the heart of America. “

(Ranan Gissen , Spokesman for Israeli Prime minister Ariel Sharon):

“Arafat rejected 95 % of the land, even more, 98 %, a part of Jerusalem . And they rejected it. “

(Vervolg toespraak Emmad al Faluji, P.A. minister of communication):

“Arafat is the first president to unequivocally tell America he rejects the American terms when he was in the heart of America. When he was still in Washington and Camp David.”

(Arafat in november 2000, na de zomer van Camp David, in het Engels):

“Our people continuing their road to Jerusalem, the capital of our independent, Palestinian state. To accept or not to accept, let them go to hell.”

So why did the P.A. reject the peace offers?

What do they really want?

(Salman el Herfi, Palestinian ambassador to South Africa):

“What we say that we want the 22 % of the original Palestine, which is the West bank and Gaza Strip.”

(14 mei 1998, een fanatieke prediker beschreeuwt een massa waaronder ook  Arafat):

The entire land is Arab, the entire land is Arab. Haifa, Jaffa and Hebron

(Itamar Marcus, former director CMIP; director Palestinian Media Watch):

“We had the same messages coming from political leaders . . . . . . .”

(bovengenoemde fanatieke prediker):

“All the land is Palestine! All the land is Palestine! Lod, Ramble and the Galilee !”

[These are area’s and cities in Israel proper]

(Itamar Marcus): “The same messages coming from religious leaders . . . . . . . .”

(bovengenoemde fanatieke prediker):

“Even if they sign agreements relating to Gaza and the West Bank , we will never forget Haifa, Acre the Galilee and Jaffa!”

[these are area’s and cities in Israel proper]

(Itamar Marcus ): “The same messages being given to children in the schools . . . . . . . .”

(12 juli 1998, kinderen zingen in een Palestijns tv-kinder-programma):

“Palestine is my country, not for the Zionists.”

50 minuten

(Itamar Marcus): “And it’s a uniform message: Israel is temporary, Israel  will be destroyed . . . . . . . .”

(October 2000, Palestijnse vrouwen schreeuwen met overslaande stem):

“Just give us weapons! The boys and the girls! We will kill them all!”We won’t leave a single Jew!

(Ranan Gissen):

“And the reason Arafat doesn’t want peace is because he doesn’t want Israel .” [to exist, he means]

(Itamar Marcus):

“In every map in every schoolbook. And this is the way [shows map] they present Palestine. All of Israel is erased. Israel doesn’t exist. Israel doesn’t  exist. Israel doesn’t exist.”

“This is the Palestine they teach their people to expect and anticipate in the future. “

(Daniel Pipes):

“They’re not interested ultimately in the West bank and Gaza, they are interested in Israel proper.”

(Itamar Marcus):

“There was an interview with Faysal al Husseini . He said explicitly that the Oslo-Accords are a Trojan horse to get inside Israel to continue the battle. He said no Palestinian cab give up any part of Palestine   from Metula to Eilat and that the purpose of the Oslo-Accords was ultimately to weaken Israel and to destroy it.”

(Ranan Gissen):

“Arafat’s strategy is not a strategy of peace. He never committed himself to peace. To real peace, What he really wanted is to continue the armed struggle.”

[Scènes van vlak na bomaanslagen.]


“. . . . . .. explodes. Explosion of blood.”

(Israeli woman cries out):

“We’re sick of blood on the walls! We are sick of it!”

(Beelden uit kamp waar Palestijnse kinderen gemilitariseerd en gefanatiseerd worden):

“You are the target in front of my eyes!”

“Do you want to be a martyr?”


“Why do you want to?”

“To kill jews.”

Natanya hotel, March 2002, Passover Seder Massacre, 27 killed 100 injured.

Jersalem, July 2002, Hebrew University bombing, 9 killed, 85 injured.

Bus 2, august 2003, Jerusalem Bus bombing, 20 killed, 80 injured.

One has to ask oneself: what is the goal of the Palestinian struggle?

Is it simply to create an independent Palestinian state or is it also to see the elimination of the Jewish state?

Could it be that today’s conflict is really the continuation of the Arab struggle against the Jewish return to its historic homeland?

A struggle that began long before the Israeli state was even born.

(Daniel Pipes):

“I think the conflict remains as it always has been basically over the question: shall Israel exist or not.”

(Tashbih Sayyed, editor in chief “Pakistan Today”):

“The original plan which compelled Arabs to attack Israel in 1948 has always been in operation. “

(Daniel Pipes):

“Israel is asserting its right to exist, the Arabs are rejecting that right”

Israel took sincere steps towards peace and as pain (???) for its risk-taking by having its worst nightmare  come true.

In the ten years since the signing of the Oslo-Agreements over one thousand Israeli’s have been murdered in terror attacks.

In the three-year-period from Camp David alone Israel was overwhelmed by almost 20.000 terror- attacks which included over one-hundred-fifty suicide bombers.

Palestinian life has also become increasingly difficult.

The IDF has posted countless road-blocks in and around Palestinian towns and villages.

The result: Palestinians daily lives are severely compromised and disrupted.

(Salman el Herfi):

“This is a harassment, a daily harassment for the whole category of a population

(Engelstalige nieuws-lezers-stem):

“Restrictions on the every-day lives of Palestinians are now harsher than they were ten years ago. Brand-new fences and walls are just visible evidence of the present reality.”

(Salman el Herfi):

“It is not real life. It is a jail, it is a prison.”

When Palestinians cars and ambulances filled with deadly arms and explosions are intercepted by the Israeli’s, one understands that the check-points are not tools of Israeli aggression but rather the first line of defense against potential terror-attacks.

55 minuten

And in Israel’s war against terror innocent Palestinians have been caught in the cross-fire and been wounded or killed.

And one has to wonder: was this not the very pain the Oslo-Accords were designed to prevent? Perhaps it could be said that more than Israel has hurt the Palestinian people, the Palestinians have been hurt by their own leaders.

Leaders who have inspired their own people towards peace.

But chose instead to rail against the Jewish state and instill a suicidal hatred of the Jews in their own people

Terwijl bovenstaande tekst door de commentaarstem wordt gesproken zien we in beeld:

1) Palestijnen met een doodskist waarop de tekst “Oslo died”, en vervolgens

2) Een welgedane baardmijnheer die in 2001 op Palestinian-TV zalvend-hysterisch zegt: “Blessings to whoever puts a belt of explosives . . . . .

3) Een andere baardmijnheer roept in October 2000 op Palestinian TV: “Have no mercy on the Jews!”

4) Arafat zelf : “The child who is grasping the stone facing the tank …”

5) Weer een andere welgedane baardmijnheer,  namelijk Dr. Colonel Nader al Tamimi Muti, Palestinian Liberation Army op Iqraa-TV van Saoedie Arabië):

“What is needed now is clinging to Allah and for the masses of suicide martyrs to get ready to enter Paradise. Paradise is open now. Anyone who wants to be admitted to Paradise, instead of staying in its entrance, need only martyr himself. In paradise 70 black-eyed women will receive him.”

That hatred has led to terror,  and this incitement has had a frightening efFect on the Palestinian people.

(Commentaarstem Engelstalige nieuws-zender):

“Two Israeli soldiers lose their way and drive into Ramallah by mistake. They are arrested by the Palestinian Police. And taken to a local police-station. The police make little effort to stop the mob and some even join the crowd in lynching the soldiers to dead. The dead soldiers’ body is thrown out of the window into the clutches of the angry crowd.

Polls reveal that 59% of Palestinians support the continued armed struggle against Israel, even if Palestinians gained full statehood in the entire West Bank- and Gaza-regions with East-Jerusalem as their capital

And 72 % of Gazan children, polled in 2001, expressed the desire to be suicide bombers.

Sure, not all Palestinians feel this way.

One such individual is Zohair Hamdan, who in an unprecedented move, collected over ten-thousand signatures from Jerusalem Arabs protesting against Yasser Arafat’s corrupted leadership and failure to accept Israel’s peace offers.

He was shot five times, allegedly by members of Arafat’s Fatah organization in 2001.

He survived.

Many Palestinians suspected of collaborating with Israel are viewed as traitors and face brutal, sometimes public death at the hands of Palestinian militia’s.

A grim warning to anyone who collaborates with Israel. . . . . . against terror.

[Beelden van gelynchte, vermoorde, opgehangen Palestijnen.]

(Daniel Pipes):

“There are some Palestinians who do see that Israel is there permanently, but they are not the majority and they are not the ones who have the megaphones and the power.”

(President George Bush, June 2002):

“I call on the Palestinian people to elect new leaders. Leaders not compromised by terror.”

Radical Islamic terror does not only endanger Jews in Israel

(Welgedane baard schreeuwt):

“They are all liars. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans, who are like them, and those who stand with them.”

(De vliegtuigen vliegen de Twin Towers in; een wanhopige ooggetuige op straat schreeuwt in een camera):

“It’s got to be a terrorist attack! I cannot tell you anything more right now. I saw the plane hit the building.”

On the day the entire civilized world stopped, paralyzed by terror, Palestinians dance in the streets. [Beelden uit East Jerusalem, september 11,  2001.]

(John Loftus):

“After nine-eleven, all the Americans started to think like the Israeli’s. We are all potential victims of terror now. Israel’s terrorist enemies are our enemies too. “

(George Bush, June 2003):

“Terrorists, every time, every place, abort the desires of those who want peace and freedom.

60 minuten

(Sherri Mandell, mother, whose teenage son was lynched by Palestinians):

“It seem like Israel is the hart of the world. And it is happening here. And what happens in the heart spreads to the rest of the body. And what we are seeing now is that it is spreading.”

Bali terror-attack, October 2002.

Turkey synagogue attack November 2003.

(Sherri Mandell):

“It will keep spreading, until the world stands up and says: you have to fight terror.”



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