Vivienne is best ongerust! “Hoe valt dit te verklaren?” Oh-oh-oh! Ja, wat zóú ’t toch zijn!?

Vanmorgen “Goedemorgen Nederland” van WNL. Kijkluister vanaf 10:30. Vivienne van den Assen presenteert:

“Het aantal overvallen dat gepleegd wordt door jonge tieners neemt de laatste jaren toe. Niet alleen in absolute aantallen maar ook procentueel gezien stijgt het aandeel van 12 tot 16 jarigen die de overvallen plegen.”

De “deskundige”:

“ … Wat je ziet bij deze hele jonge jongens is met name hun beïnvloedbaarheid. Ze plegen dit soort feiten vaak in groepsverband. Dus ze laten zich heel erg beïnvloeden door wat hun maat doet, hun gabber. Wat je vaak ziet is, dat ’t ook jongens zijn, ja, die toch ook wel op de grens zitten van zwakbegaafdheid. Het IQ wordt getest en dan kom je op 75 tot 80 uit.”

“Jongens” dus. Met ’n bepaald IQ. Enfin, verder heb ik ‘t geouwehoer niet gevolgd, maar je kan er staat op maken dat er niet gezegd is dat dit voornamelijk een Marokkanen-annex-islam-probleem is, dat er mensen zijn (zoals ik) die al 20 jaar waarschuwen en dat de oplossing in elk geval ligt in het direct stopzetten van alle moreel en intellectueel, eh . . . . . . uitgedaagden & dys-functionelen uit vooral alle islamitische cultuurgebieden. Hier heb ik iets naders gezegd over IQ, Marokkanen en islam: “De redeloosheid van de gemiddelde moslim”. En, oh ja: dit filmpje is ook een goeie illustratie van het IQ-verhaal  gecombineerd met stambewustzijn en islam. Die combinatie van zwakzinnigheid en agressie is zéér angstaanjagend.

En nou schrijf ik netjes de hele tekst voor u uit van een video die “Black Pigeon” — tevens kenner van het “feminisme” in de Westerse wereld — op 4 april on line heeft gezet over het verband tussen naties en IQ. Dus het gaat niet over “ras”, al zijn de bewoners van zéér dysfunctionele naties bijna allemaal licht tot zwaar getint. Dat moet toeval zijn. Want de echte reden is natuurlijk het witte kolonialisme. Mij maakt het geen reet uit waaraan het ligt. Ik kijk naar individuen en ik garandeer u dat ik véél minder racistisch ben dan de gemiddelde Surinamer of moslim. Maar de feiten zijn de feiten en Black Pigeon somt ze op.

Vooraf wil ik nog wijzen op een bepaald commentaar onder het YouTube-verhaal van Black Pigeon, namelijk dat van “Flake452”:

“Immigration is not the only threat to IQ. The welfare state encourages low-IQ-people to have more children and to have them younger.”

Daaraan zou ik aan toe willen voegen: in Europa heb je de massa-influx van moslims met ’n lager gemiddeld IQ  — en ’n meestal foute mentaliteit! — die niet alleen door de verzorgingsstaat meer kinderen krijgen, maar dat bewust doen om in de meerderheid te raken, dus als vorm van demografische jihad.

In his book “The Camp of Saints”, written in 1973, French author and explorer Jean Raspail depicts the destruction of Western civilisation through mass uncontrolled immigration. His book is eerie in it’s prescience as it describes that, as a direct result of it’s left wing decadence and self-hatred, Europe fails to realize the threat it faces until migrants land and begin their pillaging. Now that fiction has become reality and the example of mass third world migrants just showing up at the borders of Western nations and ramming their way through the gates has been set, this same tactic is now being attempted by groups heading toward the United States. A “Caravan of Saints”, if  you will,  of more than 1200 central American migrants pushing towards the US-border with demands of not only to be given the right to enter the US, but also to be given dignified work as well as having others. The US presumably “fixed” the nations from whence they came. Regardless of this “Caravan of Saints” and its ultimate goal and the inevitable caravans to come what does it mean to have groups of people from parts of the world with very different levels of competence and ability arriving in highly developed nations? Moreover: how will this affect not only the migrants themselves but the host nation?

There are many uncomfortable facts in this world, many that are socially taboo, sometimes for good reason, sometimes not. It is however a wel-known fact that a person’s intelligence will have a profound effect on various life outcomes, whether they be education, income or conversely the probability of engaging in criminal activity. What is less known and mostly suppressed, is that average national IQ also corresponds with outcomes at a national level. All basic requirements for modern civilization, democracy, education, wealth, health and lack of crime and corruption are strongly related to a nation’s general average IQ. In their controversial book “IQ and the Wealth of Nations” by Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen these psychologists have presented staggering correlations between average national IQ and income, education, crime, corruption and democracy. Coincidentally of course, all of the things that the “Caravan of Saints” is demanding be addressed in their highly dysfunctional and poverty ridden Central American homelands.

It is however important to remember that all people from every group on earth are individuals and an average IQ of a group does not mean that all people within that group are of the same intelligence, whether hat be high or low. But intelligence and the understanding of it, as is stressed by the likes of Dr. Jordan Peterson is well understood. That said, to even speak of differences between groups is essentially forbidden and even when academic research surfaces this most cherished and holy tenant in the modern West, all discussions of the topic is labeled at best as controversial and in general as simply hate-filled. That’s why when a 2010 study headed by Randy Thornhill of the University of New Mexicio came to the conclusion that people in developing countries have lower IQ’s because their bodies divert energy from brain power to fighting disease, it was met with the usual howls, rage and indignation that is meted out by those that are professionally offended on the behalf of others. Thornhill’s research suggests that in hot nations blighted with deadly infections, the priority is survival and populations have evolved to develop stronger immune systems rather than intelligence.

Professor emeritus Richard Lynn of Ulster University, while saying the picture was complicated, did admit in an ironic twist that low national IQ’s partly helped to propagate the spread of infectious diseases. It should also be noted that it has been suggested that environment also can have a positive effect on IQ, which, up until a few years, had said to be increasing since the 1930’s thanks to better living conditions and education: a trend known as the Flynn-effect. Conversely there are also studies that have shown the average IQ of Westerns to have plunged 10 points or more since Victorian times.

Whatever the case may be regarding the why of average group-IQ: it’s not important for the purposes of this presentation as one can see easily the correlation between a country’s development and the nation’s average national IQ. All of the countries with an average national IQ of 98 and above — with the exception of China — are all highly developed nation states. Moreover, it would appear that the IQ-breaking-point — whether a nation can develop and modern civilization can be maintained — that appears to be between 95 and 97. Below that, things tend to become murky and when an average IQ of a nation is 90 and below, this would be the breaking-point at which civilization and its accompanying accoutrements  — democracy, education, wealth, health and lack of crime and corruption — cannot be created or maintained independently.

When looking at the top 31 countries with an average national IQ of 98 and above, all — with the exception of Mongolia and China — are highly developed nations. However, if we are looking for a point at which modern civilization begins to crumble, any country with a national average of 85 and below — with the exception of wealthy oil states — are all countries that struggle with poverty as well as social and institutional dysfunction. While a country can of course still have developmental challenges with a high average IQ, they seem to be more of a product of political environment, rather than human resources of that country: North Korea for example. But it would seem to correlate that a national IQ of 97 is a necessary condition for a nation’s success.

Thus this brings us full circle to the conundrum of the “Caravan of Saints” now descending on the US as well as the larger implications that this thought-experiment provides. Honduras — where the majority of people in this “caravan” are from and demanding entrance to the US — have a national average IQ of 81. To put this another way: the vast majority of the Hondurans in this “caravan” would most likely not even be eligible for military service in the US and would only, most likely, to be able to find low skilled repetitive work in low wage jobs. While these kinds of jobs — weed cleaning, dish washing and the like — are all needed and very necessary for society to function, there is unfortunately already a glut of people in this IQ-range that already live in the US and are unemployed. There is absolutely no gain for the native populations in countries like the US and in Europe to unconditonally accept people from nations with low average national IQ.

Arguments that over the generations the IQ of these people can be improved based on environment-stress-compunction and that receiving nations are nothing more than intellectual colonies to be used by others to better their collective group IQ over the long run. On the other hand: to have selective immigration of the kind president Donald Trump is positing, is also morally bankrupt as it amounts to nothing more than headhunting the best and brightest from the nations and skimming them off, where such people are already desperately needed tot help to raise the quality of life for all in their native lands.

Moreover, the massive uncontrolled flows as we have witnessed in the last decade ramming into both Europe and the US could actually pose a very serious risk to the long-term-stability of nations and communities that are close to the IQ-breaking-point of 97-98. In the delirious haze of pathological altruism, nations who are right on the breaking point are rapidly filling with immigrants from some of the lowest IQ-nations on earth.

Unlike the groups with the highest IQ in the world, in East Asia, nations like Italy, Germany, France and the US among others, are in danger of seeing their stable , democratic, low crime, low corruption and wealthy modern societies crumble and devolve. Perhaps it’s time to admit that the social imperatives that have driven policies in Western nations since at least the 1960’s have not only failed but are a very real and present danger to the continuation of these developed societies. It is clear that more people could be helped at  lower cost in their countries of origin than travelling halfway across the world to benefit in a society many of them will never to function in in any meaningful way.

But again: to take this tack also poses the dilemma of endless self-flagellation in the West and the fear of being accused of being colonial and intellectually imperialistic. Either way the West has painted itself into a corner whereas to protect our societies from devolving is morally wrong, whereas to help societies outside the West to progress intellectually is also morally wrong as it betrays the foundation myth of universal intellectual equality of all peoples. Either way the “Caravan of Saints” along with the boats crossing the Mediterranean Sea are looming on the horizon. As are the millions and billions of others wanting to make the same journey to escape the dysfunction and failure of the societies that they are inadvertently, by arriving, importing to the West.

The only solution I can see is for the West to break the self imposed mental shackles of guilt and work on real solutions that not only protect the peoples in destination countries but also work to better the lives and societies of nations that seem to be unable to do so for themselves. Reality will come back to the West one way or another. Better come through choice than uncontrollable circumstance.